You and your dog deserve freedom!

Are you embarrassed by your dog harassing guests every time they come over?
Does your dog struggle with constant anxiety even though you’ve tried countless “remedies?”
Does your dog pull, bark, and lunge on walks?
Can you not trust your dog around people and animals?
Are you exhausted because your dog wont let you sleep through the night?


I’m assuming you got your dog to be your companion.  You imagined cuddling up to watch TV, going for a hike, playing fetch at the park and introducing your friends to your dog.  It can feel like a complete betrayal when the dog whos supposed to be your partner and best friend cant go on a walk without pulling constantly, is lunging at other dogs, destroying your house, and preventing you from having a social life.  You love your dog, but you hate his behavior, and that’s okay.


I want to help you change all of this!

No matter your dogs breed, age or bad behaviors I want to help your dog be a better dog!

This means your dog will lie nicely on his bed while guests are over and not jump all over them!
This means no more constant whining, pacing, destruction and barking from your anxious dog!
This means a calm walk without pulling or lunging even if other dogs are around!
This means a dog who’s calm enough that you can go to bed or leave the house without worrying about what hes doing!

I specialize in working with dogs with aggression and anxiety issues.  My training is always custom made for each dogs personality and struggles.  I focus on the dogs mindset and emotional state to allow all dogs of any age or breed to learn to be calm, obedient, relaxed and manageable companions.


Training is ALWAYS CUSTOM ALL THE TIME.   I believe that there is never one method that works to remedy all problems in all dogs.  I have studied and practiced multiple methods of training in the past which has given me the experience to use and combine different methods to teach the same skills to all different dogs.  By using scientifically developed classical conditioning and operant conditioning along with structure and management plans I use a time-tested method of changing dog behavior for the better.

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