Welcome to Perfect Partnerships Dog Training.

Training is ALWAYS CUSTOM ALL THE TIME.   We believe that there is never one method that works to remedy all problems in all dogs.  Anyone who trains with a one-method philosophy will encounter dogs that do not respond to that particular method, we aim to avoid this by evaluating each dog to discover what method of training they respond to best.  We are always studying and exploring new methods of training so we can best address every dog while minimizing stress.

Here at Perfect Partnerships, our mission to help owners build strong and lasting relationships with their dogs, and promote safety for all the humans and dogs within the home is what drives us everyday in our interactions with our clients and community.

We believe that proper training for your dog is just as important as food, shelter, and love.  Without guidance, your dog cannot live a fulfilling life with clear purpose, and you will likely find your dog to be a bother with his poor behavior.  Training will ensure that you and your dog can live a happy and fulfilling life together.

Our training philosophy emphasizes gentle firm training and the use of structured activity to give dogs a rewarding life filled with desirable behaviors. We use rewards based balanced training methods which have been proven to cause less stress and be more effective than even pure positive training methods. All of our training is tailored to your dog as an individual and how your dog responds because we are aware that no two dogs will respond to the same training the same way.